Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Sunday Cruise In will not be happening in 2020.  We've closed Fourth and Sea after 19+ years at this location.  We plan to take some time off to stay healthy and relax a bit, and then look for a new location in Petaluma to start the restaurant up again before too long.  We may or may not be able to restart the Cruise In at our new location, depending on what the parking situation will be. 

We want to thank everyone who participated in the Sunday Cruise In over the years and making it a success. We will post our new restaurant location on this site, the Fourth and Sea website and both Facebook pages as soon as it's finalized.

If you'd like to be added to an email list to be notified when our new location when it's finalized, please send a request to

Until then, stay classic and keep on cruisin'!  
We hope to see you at our future location.  

I apologize for all the different size text on this post.  It's done on Google Blogspot, which apparently isn't supported well cuz I can't change it no matter how hard I try.

The final Sundae Cup winner of 2019 on Sept. 29 was Vance Piper for his '62 oh-so-beautiful-blue Chevrolet Corvair Monza.  This car is not a recent acquisition for Vance; he's owned it for 42 years!  From the looks of it, Vance is pretty happy to have won the Sundae Cup.  But, then again,  Vance looks happy every time you see him!  So glad John Maher, AKA Petaluma Pete pictured with Vance, is such a fabulous judge. How cute are both of them in this trophy pic?

The Sunday Cruise in was held June thru September from 11-2pm prior to Covid and featured classic cars, classic food, classic oldies/rock music, a free raffle, and the presentation of the Sunday Sunday Cup Sundae (a HUGE ice cream sundae) to the owner of the Judge's favorite car. 

Below are some pictures and descriptions of some past events to give you an idea what the Sunday Cruise In was all about.  For the most current info, go to our Facebook page.

Congratulations to Carl and Sandy Bittinger for winning the Sunday Sundae Cup at August 2016's Cruise In here at Fourth and Sea with their beautiful, shiny, bright red 1966 Mustang Fastback. We'd like to give special thanks to Petaluma Pie Company, Vintage Bank Antiques, Heebee Jeebe, and Buffalo Billiards for donating prizes to the free raffle, and thank all the people who helped make the event a success: Dennis Hautzenrader for helping with set up and break down, Mike and Mary Harrington for playing the music, John Maher for being the Master of Ceremonies, and of course, all attendees who brought their motor driven works of art and works in progress. We hope to see you all on the last Sunday of September, the 25th, and hope the weather is as fine as it was last Sunday.

At our July 2015 Sunday Cruise In Len Trimlett did the honors of judging which car would win the coveted Sundae Cup.  Len chose Ralph Cota's gorgeous 1958 Series 75 Cadillac Fleetwood Limo as the winner.Good work, Len, and congrats to Ralph!  Thanks for cruisin' down to share your beautiful car with us.

At the May 2015 Cruise In, Petaluma Pete was our Celebrity Judge tasked with the difficult job of picking the Sunday Cup Winner.  He chose Bob and Michele Rose's 1960 Jeep FC 170.  And who could blame him?  It's cute as a bug!  Bob bought it 24 years ago in Colorado, where it was a working jeep and no so shiny and tricked out.  But he just fell in love.  There were only 3000 of these made over 7 years, and it came in a short bed, too.  Congrats to Bob and Michele!  Bob is pictured here with his dog, Ana Flores (Fourth and Sea's Sunday Cruise In Hostess), and Petaluma Pete.

Petaluma Pete, aka John Maher, has joined us as our Celebrity Judge at a few other events, also.  In this pic, he chose Nick and Peggy Houmis's 1960 Imperial to take the honors...and the ice cream!  Congrats Nick and Peggy!

At our Cruise In in Sept. 2013, Clo the Cow made an appearance, and chose Jim "Bergie" Bergstrom's beautiful 1941 Ford Pickup to win the Sundae
Cup Trophy! 

Jim's truck, which he's had since 1959, actually appeared in the movie "American Graffiti" and was the car he took his wife of 51 years, Leslie, out on their first date.  Leslie wasn't here on Sept. 29, but Clo made a great stand in!


 Jason Grossman, CEO and son of Mrs. Grossman of Mrs. Grossman's Sticker Factory fame and a supporter of the Cruise In, was our Celebrity Judge to choose the car to win the Sundae Cup Trophy at one event in 2013, and brought his Superbird, one of the 20 cars in his muscle car collection for which he also raffled off a tour at the Cruise In!  


Paul Fennell and Jason Grossman (Judge) pictured with Paul's winning 1963 Split window Z06 Corvette.  Paul owns the car with his wife, Anne, who wasn't with him this fateful day!

Jesse Pizzitola, a partner/farmer at Petaluma's own First Light Farm agreed to help us out and act as Celebrity Judge at one event in 2013.  He chose a car that may not be as showy as some, but has real heart, plenty of muscle, and an ALL American spirit ( a farmer, perhaps?) 
Congrats to Marr Olsen (center) for his 1963 Chevy Nova SS, pictured here with girlfriend Cindy Steffy and Jesse.   





 Petaluma Speedway's Rick Faeth was our celebrity judge at one event.  Rick also brought along a couple of racecars, and Sparky, one of the car's drivers, to the delight of the motorheads and race fans in attendance.  We are very grateful to both Rick and Sparky for sharing their cars, their knowledge, and their time with us!  The car Rick chose for the trophy wasn't a hot rod or a muscle car....or even an American car, for that matter!   

Congratulations to Hudson and Minnie Graham for their beautiful 1958 Austin Healey. 

At one event we had a horseless carriage show up, trailered in by Dave Lund who actually got it running!  Petaluma Pete, our Celebrity Judge that day, jammed with the band on his infamous piano, and the car he chose to win the Sundae Cup came all the way from Vacaville!!

What car clubs say about the Sunday Cruise In:

The Bay Area Igniters have come all the way from San Mateo to the Sunday Cruise In twice, and in their website review called it "one of the coolest little cruise-ins in the North Bay."  You can read the complete reviews of their experience at

The Pacific Empire Corvettes, a new local club, called the Sunday Cruise In "...a pure blast".  If you own a Vette and LOVE it, you might consider joining them.  You'd fit right in!  Check them out at

Our Contact Us page will give you all our numbers, email, and web addresses to answer any questions you may have. 

Hope to see you at the next Sunday Cruise In!